Contact Lenses Exams

Contact Lenses Fitting Examinations

Contact lenses offer you the freedom to choose whether or not you want to wear glasses. We provide personal service with careful consideration of your unique needs when selecting and fitting contact lenses.

There is a contact lens types for almost every refractive error and wear schedule from daily, bi weekly or monthly options. There are contacts to correct high prescriptions, astigmatism and even bifocals/multifocals lenses are now available.

The newest in contact lens technology are Silicone-Hydrogel lenses.  These lenses allow ultra high oxygen transmissibility for all day comfort; some you can even wear at night.

Contact Fitting Examinations are not covered under the government and fees will apply; these vary depending on type of contacts you need.

Contact Lenses Refitting Examinations

If you are currently wearing contacts and are unhappy with the comfort or vision there are always new types of lenses we can try.  We are happy to help find a better lense for you.

Please make sure you bring your current contact lense information so the doctor knows what you are wearing. Refitting fees will apply varying from $60-$100 the Doctor will set your fees upon examination.

Contact Lenses Progress Examinations

Contact Lense Progress Examinations take place one to two weeks after a fitting or refitting examinations.

Things to remember for your progress checks:

  • You MUST be wearing your contacts to this appointment for at least 2 hours before your appointment time, so that doctor can access the contacts on your eyes.
  • Bring your contact lens case with you as we will be removing your contacts to check your cornea‚Äôs.
  • Bring your glasses as you will more than likely be wearing them home.

These exams are to make sure your vision, comfort and fit of your lenses are all working well. If all is good we will order your contact lens supply for you! Remember an annual supply is always more cost effective!